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South Africa is known as the golfer's paradise. The Western Cape alone, with Cape Town as its capital, has 65 golf courses, many of which are truly magnificent Championship level courses. In addition to golf, Cape Town offers world-class restaurants, top vineyards, breathtaking scenery and plenty of other exciting things to do. 

Cape Town is a great destination for those who want to escape the cold Scandinavian winter, as the seasons are the opposite of ours. Cape Town offers sunlight and perfect temperatures from October to April. And with no time difference to Scandinavia, you avoid the jetlag that you often suffer from on long-haul journeys. 


We Cape Golfers are passionate golfers and know Cape Town well since many years. We offer tailor made golf and activity vacations to Cape Town, and we ensure each trip is carefully planned and executed exactly to your wishes.


Take a look at our offer and start planning your dream golf holiday!

Harry & Mia

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